Smart Biopreservation

Biopreservation and Biobanking Vol. 15, No. 6

Li Qiyuan, Wang Xian, Liu Xiaopan, Liao Qiuyan, Sun Jianbo, He Xuheng, Yang Ting, Yin Jiefang, Jia Jia, Li Xue, Colotte Marthe, and Bonnet Jacques

RNA is an essential biological material for research in genomics and translational medicine. As such, its storage for biobanking is an important field of study. Traditionally, long-term storage in the cold (generally freezers or liquid nitrogen) is used to maintain high-quality (in terms of quantity and integrity) RNA. Room temperature (RT) preservation provides an alternative to the cold, which is plagued by serious problems (mainly cost and safety), for RNA long-term storage. In this study, we evaluated the performance of several RT storage procedures, including the RNAshell® from Imagene, where the RNA is dried and kept protected from the atmosphere, and the vacuum drying of RNA with additives such as the Imagene stabilization solution and a home-made trehalose solution. This evaluation was performed through accelerated (equivalent to 10 years for RNAshell) aging and real-time studies (4 years). To check RNA quality and integrity, we used RNA integrity number values and RNA-seq. Our study shows that isolation from atmosphere offers a superior protective effect for RNA storage compared with vacuum drying alone, and demonstrates that RNAshell permits satisfactory RNA quality for long-term RT storage. Thus, the RNA quality could meet the demand of downstream applications such as RNA-seq.